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  • HET WEER – Rebranding

    HET WEER – Rebranding

    In addition to our rebranding for VTM Nieuws, Gédéon also re-designed the newscast’s dailyweather forecast, Het Weer.

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    We reiterated several of the codes that we established for VTM Nieuws, including the typography, the newsroom and the rounded shape of the logo.

    Our logo, with its semi-complete sphere, plays on the idea of the rising and setting of the sun. It also integrates the name of the anchorman/ woman presenting the forecast. In the tradition of our previous design for the program, we also maintained the concept of window panes, on which different textures can be projected that reflect the weather.


    Emmanuelle Lacaze & Charlotte Vande Vyvre

    3D Designer

    Laurent Carcelle

    Art Director

    Nicolas Famery