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    The task
    7 days to create and produce a channel identity, design system and communications kit. This is no joke! 
    Our response
    Using the time constraint to our advantage: a simple, spontaneous and strong idea that can be produced immediately to compensate for the ultra short timeframe. 
    A long-lasting idea that can evolve since the channel will continue to exist, especially in a digital format. 

    Brand design

    Brand Identity


    Motion Design

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    The last letter of Culturebox gives a range of opportunities in terms of both graphic creativity and meaning. It looks like 2 arrows that converge and evokes: a curtain -the  two arrows open like stage curtains-; a pointer -the arrow points you towards the place of culture: Culturebox- and a cross -Culturebox acts as a crossroads where all types of culture and arts meet-. 
    This powerful graphic sign allow us to create transitions, wipes and rhythm to the editing of a trailer or a story on social media.
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    Among the creative ideas proposed by Gedeon was a competition between students from art schools, and more specifically those studying motion design. In line with the CultureBox project, the aim was to offer students a prestigious exhibition space for their creativity.

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    In four weeks, Gédéon received more than a hundred projects from students from the prestigious schools Gobelins, LISAA, ENSAAMA, Estienne, ECV Paris and ECV Bordeaux. A jury selected the 22 best projects that have been released on the channel showcasing young and perhaps future talents of the French motion design scene.


    Emmanuelle Lacaze & Eglantine Guitard

    Artistic Director

    Lazare Bessiere