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    Numero 4, the Gédéon affiliate specialized in producing movies and series, was one of the first companies chosen by Studio+ to produce a ten-episode series for the launch of its digital app targeting the 15-25 year-old audience.

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    10X10 Series

    2 Bronze Awards - Cristal Festival

    Filmed in L.A.


    Mobile First

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    The series was shot in Los Angeles and released in South America, Europe and the United States. It can be seen on the Studio+ app available on the AppStore and Google Play.

    The Studio+ app already has 5 million subscribers in 10 countries.

    She’s 16, the new girl in town, living with her single mom. Passionate about skateboarding, she meets Marc and the trouble starts…
    The series is about Joy’s journey to adulthood through her complicated first love affair, facing rivals and finding friendship.


    Nan Feix

    Director of photography

    Marc Miro

    1st Assistant Director

    David Meanti

    Main Cast

    Courtney Lauren Cummings​
    Johane Krasevich
    Caedyn Curto
    Major Curda
    P.J. Marino
    Fabian Alomar
    Savannah Lathem
    Jared Wernick
    Raymond Ma
    Kayla Blake
    Jaron Adams
    Susan Beaubian
    Rigo Obezo
    Angelique Kenney
    Janet Hoskins
    Phillip Solomon
    Jo’ell Jackson


    Emmanuelle Lacaze, Emmanuel Guiraud, Studio+


    Steven Mitz
    Emmanuelle Lacaze
    Quitterie Duhurt Gausseres

    Chef Editor

    Alex Rodriguez


    Young Entertainer awards / Nomination for Savannah Lathem “Best Supporting young actress” in “TV, Movie, Mini series” category
    L.A web Festival 2017 / Nominated for "Outstanding Directing"
    L.A web Festival 2017 / Nominated for "Outstanding Cinematography"
    L.A web Festival 2017 / Nominated for "Outstanding Editing"
    Cristal Festival / Cristal Festival 2017 / Bronze Award for and for "best webisodes over 3 minutes" in online video category
    Cristal Festival / Cristal Festival 2017 / Bronze Award for "series / webisodes" in digital category