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  • RMC STORY – Rebranding

    RMC STORY – Rebranding

    Following our successful rebranding for RMC Découverte channel, France’s largest documentary broadcaster, NextRadio TV group, entrusted us to work on their new channel, RMC Story.
    Dedicated to broadcasting both fact and fiction content, with a focus on society and real human stories, our response to the brief was to bring the human side of story-telling to the fore by developing a graphic system based on speech-marks, a fundamental symbol of human communication, dialogue and story-telling.

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    We picked out a couple of typographies in order to sustain the notion of diversity. One is a lineal style with multiple weights for the titles and supporting information, the other is a very distinctive, serif version for dates and the time.

    “Our speech-mark graphic illustrates the notion of dialogue – the human voice within a story. Rendered in many forms (Japanese, French, English) this strong and versatile symbol expresses the notion of diversity. Be it of language, of speech, of opinion, or the human experience.”


    Emmanuelle Lacaze - Producer

    In the promos, the graphic system based on speech marks, combining 2D and 3D shapes in a variety of colors showcases RMC Story’s variety of content, and the meaning behind the label “a true-story channel” rings loud and clear.

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    For the ad-breaks, we tapped the spirit of game-playing (like pinball, pong…) to make unconventional and playful use of our speech mark symbols.

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    The visual articulation of diversity extends to the idents. By placing a multitude of human faces into the speech-mark graphic, we directly evoke RMC Story’s diverse audience and offering. This also acted as a reminder of the human identity that lies at the core of any story that unfolds between a set of speech-marks. People remain at the heart of the stories and story-telling.

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    Not only can the speech-mark symbols be dynamic in animation, but in print they can be used to punctuate text or images in a subtle yet unmistakable way.

    We wanted to reflect the diversity of the programs in documentaries, fiction, news by giving the musical design a diversity of beats and moods. The electronic melody travels through a variety of punchy beats, even on the very short formats. It all ends with the same conclusion : the blend of an acoustic and an electronic note give RMC Story its modern, yet warm, signature. We call it ‘the dot’.

    Emmanuel Lipszyc - Musician


    Emmanuelle Lacaze & Charlotte Vande Vyvre

    3D Designer & Motion Designer

    Laurent Carcelle

    Art Directors

    Nicolas Famery & Lazare Bessière

    Motion Designers

    Stéphane Gibert, Océane Enfer


    Cristal Festival / Cristal Festival 2018 / Shortlisted for "best brand identity" in Design Category